One Earth. One Voice. A global call to action.

One Earth. One Voice. 2013
12:21 on 12.21

Just past noon, December 21
In your own timezone, wherever you are:

Ise Oluwa, an African song for the Earth

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On December 21, 2012, after an epic 99-day journey around the world, we sang. In thousands of places around the world, from a cave in Ireland to the top of a sacred mountain in Hawaii, villages in Uganda, hotel lobbies, airplanes, houses of worship and homes, the world joined in singing Ise Oluwa in an act of hope and healing for the Earth.

Now, in 2013, our song continues. Sing on December 21 at 12:21 PM in your own time zone, and join us in 2014 as we call on the General Assembly of the United Nations to end violence against the Earth and grow our grassroots movement.

There has never been a more important time to sing for the Earth.

We are the voice of the Earth. Rise up singing.

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